Урок-диспут «Настоящий друг» (7 класс)

Автор: Козлович Ольга Валентиновна

Организация: МБОУ лицей №1

Населенный пункт: Тюменская область, ХМАО-Югра АО, г. Сургут

Задача: закрепить и систематизировать знания учащихся по теме «Друзья».

Цели: 1. Определить уровень усвоения знаний и умни их применять на практике.

2. Воспитывать уважение к друзьям и дружбе.

3. Выяснить (обсудить) критерии выбора друзей подростками.

Межпрдметные связи: литература, обществознание.

Оснащение урока: компьютер, плазменная панель, проекты учащихся «Мой друг», печатный текст, аудиотекст.

Ход урока

  1. Организация начала урока.

  2. Контроль и обобщение пройденного материала по теме «Friends and Friendship».

1.Дискуссия по теме «Friends and Friendship».

T: Dear boys and girls!

Today we’ll discuss the problem of an ideal friend. At first, we’ll speak about the character features of your friends, then we’ll discuss who can be our friend and at the end of our discussion you’ll tell us about your friends.

Let’s begin! At first, let’s speak about the friend’s appearance.

Does your friend’s appearance matter much for you?

(Pupils’ opinions).


T: All in all we can say that it doesn’t matter what a friend looks like.

Now, please, let’s discuss if grown-ups can be friends for teens

(Pupils’ opinions).

T: Thank you! So we’ve decided that young people and grown-ups can sometimes be friends, because as a rule, grown-ups are kind-hearted, they can teach us to do something, of course, they have reach life experience.


T: The next question is if friends should spend much time together

(Pupils’ opinions).


T: Thus, we can say that friends always try to spend much time together.

And the next point of our discussion is what should we do to get along with other people?

(Pupils’ opinions).

T: We decided that we must be kind, open-minded, honest and , of course, have a sense of humour.


And now let’s speak about friendship.

What do you think about friendship?

Do you agree with this opinion?


Friendship is a thing for two

Three or four, even more,

Like a song that is made to sing

Friendship is a doing thing.


(Pupils’ opinions).

T: Let’s read the story and answer the question if Johnnie is a real friend.


Johnnie looked happy. He was standing in the centre of a large group of people near a lake. Many men and women were cheering him and calling him “a brave boy”, “a hero”, “a good friend”. Johnnie had just helped his friend Dick to get out of the water. Dick had broken through thin ice and fallen into the lake.

“You are a good friend, Johnnie,” said one of the men.

“Johnnie is splendid,” said his mother’s friend loudly.

“Johnnie you are a very brave boy,” said one of the women.

“You didn’t think about your life when you were helping your friend. Tell us what made you risk your life to help your friend.”

“Well, I had to,” said Johnnie looking at the people around him. “Dick had my skates on.”


T: What do you think about this boy? Is he a real friend?

(Pupils’ opinions)

T: In conclusion, we may say that friendship is a thing that helps us to live and a thing that teaches us how to get along with other people.


What do you think about books? Can books be your friends? What makes books our friends?

(Pupils’ opinions).


T: To tell the truth, books can be our friends because we learn a lot from them. They teach us to work and live, we find examples to follow and some pieces of advice.


T: And what is your opinion about if animals can be your friends.

As for me I know story about the faithful friend. Let’s listen.


Fido, a dog, lived in a small village in Italy. His master, Carlo Soriani was an Italian worker. He always returned from his work on the evening bus and Fido always came to meet him. But one day in 1943 Carlo Soriani went to his work in the morning and did not come back. He was killed by fascists. Fido went to meet his master that evening but he didn’t meet him. He didn’t meet him that evening, nor the next.

Fido waited for the bus at the bus stop every evening for fourteen years. He waited till the people were out and then he jumped in and looked everywhere, even under the seats.

People who lived in that Italian village put up a monument to Fido to show their love for this faithful dog. The dog was given a medal too.

(Pupils’ opinions)

T: All in all we can say that animals can be friends, especially dogs.

You are not always happy with your friends, are you? Sometimes you have problems with your friends and you don’t know how to cope with them. Let’s discuss this problem.

Do you help your friends to cope with his/her problems?

(Pupils’ opinions)

T: We always try to help our friends to cope with his/ her problems.

Some children have a lot of friends some other children have only one friend. Still others have none, but they don’t feel lonely because of this.

How many friends have you got?

(Pupils’ answers)

T: what do you think about this poem?

Make new friends but keep the old

One is silver, the other is gold.

(Pupils’ opinions)

And the last point of our discussion is do you agree or disagree with these proverbs:

A friend in need is a friend indeed

When a friend asks, there is now tomorrow.

Friends are thieves of time.

2. Защита проектов “An Ideal Friend”, “My Friend”.

III. Подведение итогов.

Today we’ve understood that friends play an important part in our life and although we may take the fact of friendship for granted, we often don’t clearly understand how we make friends. While we get on well with a number of people, we are usually friends with only a few- for example.

Moreover, a great number of relationships come under the term “friendship”. In all cases, two people like one another and enjoy together.

Much depends on how people meet and on favourable first impressions.

Friends will stand closer together and will spend more time looking at each other than mere acquaintances smiles and soft voices also express friendliness.

It is usual for close friends to have similar ideas and beliefs.

Our discussion is over. Thank you!


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