Внеклассное мероприятие “Social Networking. Netiquette”

Автор: Вдовина Евгения Евгеньевна

Организация: МБОУ СОШ-ДС КВ №6

Населенный пункт: Республика Крым, г. Симферополь

Данный урок-игра по английскому языку разработана для обучающихся 7-8 классов, в рамках Недели Английского языка, для заседания школьного клуба и проводится с использованием презентации Power Point и раздаточного материала.



 - систематизировать и обобщить знания обучающихся по теме «Этикета в Социальных сетях» и их применение в коммуникативных целях;


- совершенствование языковых компетенций обучающихся в предложенной теме;

-  расширение кругозора обучающихся;


-  развитие лингвистической догадки;

-  расширение социокультурных компетенций;

- совершенствование у обучающихся памяти, воображения, внимания, логического мышления и функционального применения полученных знаний;


- приобщение  обучающихся к культуре  общения в социальных сетях;

- воспитание уважения к собеседнику;

- создание у обучающихся положительной мотивации к дальнейшему        изучению языка;

- воспитание умения работать в команде;


- создание комфортных условий для организации и обеспечения образовательного процесса.


- 2 команды из обучающихся 7-8 классов;

Оснащение мероприятия:

- мультимедийный проектор;

- мультимедийная презентация;

- компьютер;

- бланки с заданиями;

- бланки оценивания для жюри.

План мероприятия:

  1. Вступительное слово учителя;
  2. Представление ведущих и членов жюри;
  3. Раунды:
  1. Представление команд
  2. Угадай (тема заседания)
  3. Разминка по теме "Социальные Сети и Общение"
  4. «Дальше, дальше…»
  5. Части и целое (игровые задания)
  1. ПЕСНЯ Подведение итогов игры (результаты жюри);
  2. Заключительное слово учителя.



Good afternoon, everybody! We are happy to see you at our English Club LEE! Today we are going to take part in an Active Workshop, practice different helpful things to improve your Communicative skills. I know that you’ve learnt a lot of interesting things. And I’m sure that you’ll certainly get more useful information today as well.

 The members of our respected jury are:

1. I.V.  Karaseva our English language teacher;

2.S.N. Burlay is also our English language teacher;

They will help us to count scores  

The teams are the students of the 7th A form, the 7th B form and the eighth graders of our school.

Dear participants, you shouldn't forget about our Golden Rules.

Here they are:

1. Do take an active part in our work.

2. Be polite and respectful to your fellows and opponents.

3. Be active, honest, helpful!

Good luck to both teams!

No doubt, winning is the aim, but it’s only a game.

There are 5 rounds in our game.  And now it’s time to start!



  To begin with, let’s decide which team will be the first to begin the round. Captains, will you come up and roll the dice? The captain with the highest number will get the right to start.

Now, you have 1 minute to present your team. Say your team's name and motto!

So, the 1st team introduce yourself. (Выступление 1 команды- название, девиз,).

Well done! Now it's your turn, the 2nd team. (Выступление 2 команды).

Great! So we hope that the jury will score the points and we are going on.



Now you have to guess what topic of our today’s meeting is. You’re going to watch a short intro. Try to present the topic with a full sentence and get 1 score for your team. (video intro) Great! You are right we’re going to speak about Social Networking. Awesome!


ROUND 3 “WARMING UP” (slide + video changes)

So let us warm up a bit, brainstorm the ideas of what we know about this topic.

How exactly has the Internet changed the way we live now? (mindmap handout) (both teams, write on the paper and present the ideas and audience work, getting more scores) Time’s up! Present your mindmap.  (дают жюри для оценки-1 бал)



In round 4 you’ll have 3 tasks and the maximum score is 10 points!!!

To get to know the social networks better, please solve the word search. (network word search handout1) You have 2 minutes. Have you finished? Excellent!


Next! 2. I have some other resource kit for you, LISTEN attentively and name as many activities Sarah does in the Internet as you can:

A Funtime - When Sarah Surfs the Internet! (rhymes)

When Sarah surfs the Internet

She starts by checking mail                                                   

She answers all her messages

from friends in great detail.


She plays a game, or maybe two,

and watches a cartoon,

then chats with kids in places

Like Rwanda and Rangoon.


She reads about her favourite bands.

She buys an MP3.                                               

She downloads movie trailers

and she looks for stuff for free.


She reads about celebrities

and dreams of wealth and fame,

then watches music videos          

and plays another game.


If you should say, "Your time is up.     

I need to use the Net,"                                       

she always whines, "I haven't got

my homework finished yet!"   



3. Since the creation of social networks, people seem to spend much time of their lives or ‘’ have a second life’’ on the internet, filling their social networks profiles with many info about themselves:  daily routines, likes and dislikes, social activities, sharing point of view, varied information, posting photos, etc. People also get online to check their friends’ updates, talk to them, and follow or add artists/broadcast channels, get info about news, arts, religion, music, and so on. (slides on terms/words, в конце все слова вместе на одном слайде)  


         And you? What do you do on social networks?

Do you have a profile on a social network? Which one?

Why do you use a social network for?

What are the topics you post on your profile about?

Do you like social networks? Why?

Do you use only one social network or more?

Do you have a favorite social network: Why?

What is one thing (or things) you like about your social network profile? Why?





(speaking card) each team member answer gets 1 point


While the teams are getting ready I have all the same questions to you? (audience answers) each team could get more scores!

Teams are presenting their answers to jury!   



Look at the screen, there are some helpful phrases! Let us all read them (in chorus)!  (netiquette phrases)


Fine then, now you are ready to play some energetic game!


It is called THUMB UP! Give a compliment! Get the stickers and pens. Your task is to put a stick paper to the back of your neighbour and write a compliment. No one should be left without a compliment (sticky paper and pens) Great job!


 Well, let's go on. Let’s imagine the situation when one of your friends has started a stream/ live video or has just posted a new video, how would you react? Will you leave a comment? Now we’re a going to check how did you learn the lesson of netiquette. I welcome Miroslava as if it is her video. Your task is to leave a comment/ compliment her using the phrases from the screen! Mira (playing the violin)

Amazing! So what are the basic rules for communication online? (A3 paper teams brainstorm) Audience helps orally! (show the slide afterwards)

Good job! That's was easy for you!   Let's check the answers on the slide. That was brilliant!

We are almost at the end of our meeting, so let’s sum up and see all in all what are the PROS and CONS of using the Internet and living in the Cyber world?

Is it for good or for bad? 

Awesome! Thank you! And as a tradition! Let’s sing a song all together while the jury is counting your scores. )) (song+video)

It's just the time to announce the results. Our jury members are going to name the winner. (Жюри объявляет победителя)

Our congratulations!  Thank you for your great job and participating in the contest. We do hope it was useful and exciting for you! See you soon!


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